Meet Heather Kinnane, author of the new erotic novella, HANDYMAN WANTED

Heather Kinnane is an Australian author who writes steamy stories. She has been a regular contributor to The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, where she squeezes her erotic stories into flash fiction—below 800 words. Her previous publications include the short “A Faery Dream” and its full-length sequel, A Faery Union.

Anna Kander: Introduce yourself!

Heather Kinnane: I’m an Australian author. I live in a rural area surrounded by wattle trees, kookaburras and wallabies (and in summer there are plenty of snakes, too!) I write in a lot of different genres, but so far the stories I’ve had published are romantic fantasy and erotica. I’m a chocoholic (as I write this I’ve run out, and we’re not heading into town again till tomorrow—help!) and, when I’m not reading or writing, I love bushwalking and tinkering in the garden. (I’m not a green thumb, though I wish I was!)

AK: Sexiest food: whipped cream, ice cream, or spaghetti? (Some of us are suckers for Lady and the Tramp-style romance.)

HK: Whipped cream. Ice cream is too cold, and spaghetti sauce stains everything 😉

AK: Tell us how you started writing, and tell us how you moved into writing erotica.

HK: I’ve been writing almost for as long as I can remember. I’d had some short stories published early on, and a couple of novels that did the rounds of publishers, unsuccessfully. But I hadn’t been paid for anything until I wrote an erotic flash fiction piece about a couple in the shower and submitted it to The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette. The editor there, Guy, was so encouraging I wrote more. I’ve now published 17 flash fiction pieces in The Gazette, and that’s what led me to writing longer works.

AK: I understand you write steamy stories in several genres, including fantasy. Talk about the range of your stories.

HK: At this stage my published books include two contemporary erotica novellas (one coming out soon) and a series set in the Faery Realm. I have also written what was supposed to be a pirate-mermaid fantasy, but it ended up having more of a YA/NA feel about it, so I’ve shelved that for the moment while I decide what to do with it. I have a contemporary male-dryad romance awaiting polishing (one of their biggest challenges is no one can see him except her!) and a horror romance—though I don’t think that one will ever see the light of day!!

My Faery series called ‘A Faery Dream’ is about Melissa, who has always had True Dreams. The trouble is, this time she’s dreaming of an incredibly sexy faery man—but she knows faeries don’t exist. When Kellen steps out of her dreams, he is able to answer so many questions about her past (including why she dreams true), and he has a pretty amazing future in store for her—if his own secrets don’t ruin everything first. It’s available on Amazon and most other epub sellers (Apple, Kobo, etc.).

AK: You have a book coming out. Exciting!

HK: It is exciting!! My book is called Handyman Wanted. Sally has just moved to a new place. Her love life is basically non-existent, she doesn’t know anyone, and on top of that she has a five acre property that needs a lot of work. She tries to solve both problems at once by putting an ad on a local buy/sell/swap group: “Handyman Wanted; preferably single”. What she ends up with is Ryan, who is not single, but is in an open relationship with his boyfriend, Nate. The two hit it off instantly, and Ryan is keen to bring Sally into his existing relationship to make a permanent threesome, but it isn’t until near-tragedy strikes that Sally and Nate are able to move past their fears and admit their feelings for each other.

Handyman Wanted will be released on 25 August and is available now for pre-order from Amazon, Smashwords, and Luminosity Publishing. If you pre-order direct from Luminosity, you’ll get a discount!

AK: As I understand, your new book features an M/M/F threesome. Tell us about writing a threesome versus writing twosomes and other relationships.

HK: The biggest difference is there’s always an extra person to think about. This is true even when it’s just two people discussing their relationship—no decisions can be made unless every member of the relationship is involved. The trickiest part of it is writing the sex scenes! You’ve got to really think things through—will this position work? Would each person be comfortable if this was played out in reality? It’s also great to show that each person is an individual, so you find that the different characters bring out different sides of each other.

AK: Talk about your writing process.

HK: When I have an idea, I sit down and write every day until the first draft is done. Handyman Wanted is a novella (around 25,000 words), and it took me about three weeks to write the first draft. Then I leave it to sit for a while, at least a month, and then get back into rewriting/editing. I repeat steps two and three as many times as I need before I feel it’s ready, and then I send it off. Luminosity published a similar story of mine about three years ago—Erotic Writer Seeks Men, in which erotic author Samantha seeks out men for ‘experience, experimentation and inspiration’ for her stories—so I sent off Handyman Wanted to them and sure enough they liked it, and here we are! 😊

AK: If you were locked in a dungeon for a week, what three items would you want there?

HK: If I were locked in a dungeon: a good book, and pen and paper (can they be one thing?) and chocolate.

AK: If your characters were locked in a sexy dungeon for a week, what three sexy items would they want there?

HK: If Sally, Ryan and Nate were locked in a dungeon, all they’d need would be each other! But if there were the option of extra items… maybe some fluffy handcuffs, a blindfold, and plenty of lube!

AK: What advice would you give newer writers?

HK: I think you really have to find what works best for you. There is so much advice out there—do this, don’t do that. Experiment with it all until you find your fit.

And a tip for writing erotica—write the first draft as though no one else will read it. You can always edit later. I find if I imagine other people reading it I censor myself too much, and it’s never as good.

AK: Remind us where to find you and your new book…

HK: Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my writing with you! If you’d like to find out more about my stories, you can check out my website, (If you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you can get a copy of the prequel to ‘A Faery Dream,’ called ‘The First Dream,’ free!) I’m also on Twitter @heatherkinnane if you want to come and say hello! 😊

Handyman Wanted is available for pre-order from Amazon, Smashwords, and Luminosity.

Author: Anna Kander

Anna Kander is a Pushcart Prize-nominated author in the Midwest. She writes poetry, fiction, and dark fantasy. Her first poetry collection is SLIDE A MIRROR TO ME (Transcendent Zero Press, 2017).