Meet a Young Writer: Morgan AB Saddleson

Morgan and me—a young writer talks desserts, Dr. Who, and writing about disability.

On August 14, 2017, I got the chance to interview Morgan, a fantasy writer and college student.

Anna Kander: Introduce yourself!

Morgan AB Sadddleson: My name is Morgan AB Saddleson, and I’m a young writer, lifetime reader, and college student. I’m also an uber-nerd and can’t seem to figure out how to leave Star Trek references out of my writing.

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Meet Heather Kinnane, author of the new erotic novella, HANDYMAN WANTED

Heather Kinnane is an Australian author who writes steamy stories. She has been a regular contributor to The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, where she squeezes her erotic stories into flash fiction—below 800 words. Her previous publications include the short “A Faery Dream” and its full-length sequel, A Faery Union.

Anna Kander: Introduce yourself!

Heather Kinnane: I’m an Australian author. I live in a rural area surrounded by wattle trees, kookaburras and wallabies (and in summer there are plenty of snakes, too!) I write in a lot of different genres, but so far the stories I’ve had published are romantic fantasy and erotica. I’m a chocoholic (as I write this I’ve run out, and we’re not heading into town again till tomorrow—help!) and, when I’m not reading or writing, I love bushwalking and tinkering in the garden. (I’m not a green thumb, though I wish I was!)

AK: Sexiest food: whipped cream, ice cream, or spaghetti? (Some of us are suckers for Lady and the Tramp-style romance.)

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